Don’t Let Someone Take your Company Name

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It’s amazing how softly spoken this news seems to be given how important it is.

There’s a new(ish) domain in town, called .uk. e.g. And if you registered your,,,,, or, before 28/10/13, then you should be entitled to claim the .uk equivalent.

If you do this by 25th June this year, it’s yours. If you don’t, then anyone could take it. Protect Online Brand

So you might be, and along comes someone else offering similar services and they put themselves up as Wouldn’t feel nice, would it? It could affect your position in Google’s search results too.

It’s a real surprise to us that this is making bigger news given how important it is for small business owners to know about this.  But we’ve got your backs so make sure you act.

If you value your brand online, jump on this quickly and protect yourself. Get into contact with your registrar (the company you registered your original domain name with). They will claim it for you if you are entitled to it.

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