Google Advertising Vs Google Search

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We have conversations with existing and new clients every month about how they should promote themselves most effectively to be found in Google’s search results.

We’ll come to that in a moment, first though, let’s take moment to define the differences.  There are three things currently to consider:

  1. Google Advertising – also called Google Ads or Google Adwords.  This is where you pay Google an amount for your advertisement to be seen or clicked on.
  2. Google My Business.  This is where you set up your business as a listing on Google, and based on a location a searcher is looking in, your business can be shown.
  3. Google search – also called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), organic search.  This is where you produce content and information that users will find when they are looking for the search terms that match your content.

Take a look at this example here and you can see the differences more easily:

Google Advertising versus Search. From a Digital Marketing Agency in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.


Hopefully, you can see the differences now.  So next question is, what should you do?

As a generalised rule (and there are many exceptions to this), Google Ads provides more immediate traffic (can be within a couple of hours), costs more up front, and the traffic stops when the advertising stops.

Search engine optimisation generally takes longer, with results often taking months to materialise, but the that traffic is longer lasting and can cost less over the longer term to achieve.

So in terms of what you should do, it is highly dependent on your goals, your budget and how competitive your landscape is.  Easiest thing to do is have a quick chat with us and we can advise you as to some options.

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