Is a Website Subscription Model Right for Stevenage Companies?

Tim's Digital Team Web Design Stevenage
Tim's Digital

If you’re looking around for a new or updated website in Stevenage, one option you might have come across is a subscription model. But is this right for you?

The model goes along the lines of: you pay nothing or a modest investment up-front, and instead the cost is covered via a monthly investment ranging from £20 up to £100+ per month.  Whilst this can seem very attractive to get you started, you need to make sure the monthly fees are buying you a website you own at the end rather than locking you in to something that never ends.

With most of these offers, your site will be built on the company’s proprietary platform and you will be tied in forever. Your investment stops, your website goes. You want to upgrade – you can’t get competitive quotes because you are stuck with them.  Think of it like Sky TV – once you stop paying, you no longer get access.  In the short term this might appear cheaper, but after a while the costs mount up and quickly out-weigh any initial investment costs.  We’ve been approached by several customers who have websites in Hertfordshire – they would like us to support and develop their sites but we can’t help because they are locked in with another provider.

We design and build all our sites on open platforms meaning your monthly investment costs are low.  Also, when it comes to developing your website you can do what you want, when you want and with who you want. In other words, you truly own your website. Our model means customers are not tied down to us or unable to use other web designers. Does this seem like a fairer way?  We think so.

We believe our model is not only cheaper over time for you, but also kinder. The initial investment may be higher (although not always), but you own and control the website.  This is simply impossible with most subscription models.

If we can help advise on the pitfalls and opportunities for this, please get in touch, we’ll certainly try and help.