What does WordPress have to do with Nina Simone?

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Flexibility, usability and further help for videos on your page are the headlines for the new release which is dubbed, ‘Simone’.


Named after Nina Simone, a legendary performer with hits like “Feeling Good”, “Young, Gifted and Black”, and “Four Women”, this new WordPress release includes improvements in the Block Editor feature for those users who do not have the Gutenberg set-up. This means that creating and publishing content is more straightforward and more of an enriched experience for both the audience and author. Whatever business you run or own it will be clear how important content is for engaging potential customers, so any update making this process easier is welcome. But there is more than just this to WordPress 5.6.

One part of this update that we love is built-in Block Patterns. These give various options for a layout template to order your copy, images and colours to create a story or piece which suits your brand. They give a professional design with minimal effort.

Another important update is for videos. They are now easily built into your post or page instead of being bolted on at the start or end. This means that is helps improve accessibility as it allows subtitles or captions for anyone who may need them. Any enhancement to videos is welcome in marketing as they are proven to send engagement stats through the roof and help your SEO efforts.

There are some other valuable changes in ‘Simone.’ Auto-updates are now available to everyone, not just web developers. This means your site will be installed with the last WordPress drops as soon as possible.


It also supports accessibility statements so you can show your fans and customers your commitment to ensure everybody can use your site.

Alongside ‘Simone’, WordPress has released its theme for the year which is aptly named ‘Twenty Twenty-One’. It has a stylish pastel colour scheme, dark mode and a focus on accessibility. We will talk about this in a future article.

At Tim’s Digital we understand how hard it is to stay on top of the updates and new features that come along so if you have any questions, please just drop us a line. We know what it takes to deliver an up-to-date, professional and engaging website that is sure to drive up traffic, leads and sales.