Why your website needs to look amazing on mobile phones

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You need to make your website mobile enabled

I’ll make this really simple – you need your website to be mobile enabled.  This means it will look and work great on every device, phone, tablet, computer etc.

different devices

Google cares: it wants to serve up its searchers with good experiences on any device so it promotes sites in its search results that are mobile enabled and punishes those that aren’t. So, you need your website to be mobile enabled.

You should care: more people search on phones now than on computers now.  Don’t you want them to have a fantastic experience with your website rather than squinting and the screen and trying to click a minuscule button?  So, you need your website to be mobile enabled.

I think you’ve got the point now, but it shocks me how many of my local business around Stevenage still have sites that don’t work on phones and are handing business to their competitors on a plate. If you want to know how mobile your site is, please get your free survey or shoot us a contact form!