How do I get to the top of Google?

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How do I get to the top of Google?



This is one of the questions I hear weekly, maybe even daily.  My immediate reply is “why?”.  This might seem like a silly: you want more searches, you want more business.  But there is some devil in the detail.

Search Terms – devil in the detail

What search terms do you want to rank #1 for?  Which are going to bring potential customers to your site should be a key consideration.  E.g. someone looking for “Italian restaurant in Stevenage open Sunday” is much more likely to be a booking customer for a restaurant versus a search term like “Italian restaurants in Hertfordshire”.

The second term is similar, but it could cover a number of different ‘user intents’ as Google calls them – it could be someone researching a project, it could be someone wanting to check a marketing campaign.  Whereas “Italian restaurant in Hertfordshire open Sunday” is giving a strong clue that a customer wants to book a table – nice, valuable traffic.

So you want to be very clear about user intent before you think about ranking #1.  Pick the wrong terms and you are either wasting time trying to rank for useless traffic or money in the case of Google advertising.  And I’m guessing you don’t have either?

How concentrate on ranking – create a great customer experience

Once you are clear what terms you want to rank for, the best piece of advice I have is to create a fantastic customer experience around it.  Let’s continue the example above using the term “Italian restaurant in Stevenage open Sunday”.  Have you added your opening times and location to Google My Business?  Have you created a booking function or at the very least an up-to-date contact form on your site?  All of these factors will be noticed by Google and help your ranking.

Each specific need will require a slightly different plan, but the advice of delivering a great experience for your customer will always gain you kudos will Google in the long run.

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