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Another WordPress improvement and another jazzy title. WordPress 5.8 is named after Art Tatum the legendary jazz pianist. His skill and constant improvement are reflected in this release. Three major changes are made in WordPress 5.8: management of widgets with blocks, displaying posts with new blocks and patterns and editing templates around your posts. We will go into more details about these below along with the other small changes that characterise this update.

Manage Widgets with Blocks

Users can now use the power of blocks in both the Block Widget Editor and the Customizer. This creates the ability to use Blocks in Widget areas throughout your site and see a live preview of your changes. It also opens up the potential to vastly improve your content as the massive range of core and third-party blocks can be further implemented in your site. This can add a great deal of depth and engagement for your viewers.

Display Blocks with New Blocks and Patterns

The introduction of the Query Loop Block means it is possible to show posts based on specific parameters. It is an advanced filter meaning the author can choose to show posts from specific categories. Furthermore pattern suggestions mean it is easy to display your posts in the way you want.

Edit the Templates Around Posts

You can now edit previous posts and edit your pages simultaneously in the familiar block editor. This speeds up the process meaning your content can look great with less time and effort. With 20 new themes included in this release it is possible to make your content look even better too.

Three Workflow Helpers

Along with the above improvements and additions WordPress 5.8 has pushed the boundaries on workflow and efficiency.

Firstly, is the introduction of an overview of the page structure. As WordPress makes complex content creation and implementation more possible and accessible it makes sense for a tool to help navigate through it. For example, list view is a great way to edit, select and view layers of content or nested blocks. If you want to focus completely on content creation then this is a great addition to utilise on your site.

Next is suggested block patterns. For now you can use the Query Block and Social Icon Block to see suggested patters for the block or content you are focussing on. Once more patterns are added it will become possible to see the suggestions in the editor. Another way WordPress are helping content creators focus solely on this job.

Finally, duotone means it is possible to stylise and colourise images. From adding a pop of colour to your imagery to suit an aesthetic or change the colour of shadows to create interest in the topic, duotone adds depth and skill to imagery editing all within WordPress.

Like its namesake Art Tatum, WordPress 5.8 pushes the boundaries of what is possible. Get in touch with us to discuss how WordPress can help you focus on content creation, engaging with new and current customers or driving sales with stunning web design in Hertfordshire.