What does your ‘About us’ page say about you?

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What does your ‘About us’ page say about you?

Actionable insight to help you get more engagement from your ‘About us’ page

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One of the most important pages of your website is the ‘About us’ page.  It is often a page users go to when they want to see if you could be a good match for each other.

Does your ‘About us’ page show you and your potential customers are a match made in heaven?

Let’s face it – some can be a bit unloved. Often written years ago as a big long narrative about the owner’s history or a company’s mission statement.  That’s OK, but does that really make your potential customers scream ‘I just have to speak to these guys’.

For a really engaging ‘About us’ page, you want to share your company’s identity with your potential customers in an engaging and succinct way.  It takes some considering but this page is one of the most important pages on your website so it needs to be well crafted.

Things to use with caution are:

  • Big, long, detailed narratives about owners, founders and so on – some insight is amazing but keep it on point
  • ‘We are the biggest widget maker in Stevenage, Hertfordshire’ – ask yourself if this really matters to your customers – size can be helpful as part of a bigger story about authority and trust but is rarely strong enough to be the headline
  • ‘We have been around since year {select year of business start}’ – similar to above, time and heritage can build trust, but usually best used as part of a bigger story


My advice would be to take another look at your ‘About us’ page and ask yourself these questions in an open and honest way:

  • Does it show your passion for why you’re in the business you are in?
  • Does it show off the team in a personable way that shows how you help your customers?
  • Do you mention who you serve?
  • Does it offer a compelling back-story?
  • Does it show what you can do that your competitors cannot?
  • Does it show off your values?
  • Does it have some nice, clear calls to action to show how potential customers can interact with you more deeply?


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